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Watch 2024

If you missed any of the virtual Rising Economy 2024 sessions, here’s your chance to catch up — or to rewatch and share — keynotes and panels from the event.

Marine Carbon Dioxide (mCDR) has the potential to offer significant climate benefits and support sustainable economic development for coastal communities, maritime nations and developing small-island states. Our panel explores why Greater Victoria and B.C. are poised to establish themselves as a global leader supporting the development of blue carbon technologies that can be deployed locally and exported to the world.

We delve into what AI really means for the future of business, from solving complex operational challenges to increasing productivity, boosting customer service, supercharging sales & marketing, and more.

Customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders increasingly expect businesses of all sizes to make more socially and environmentally responsible decisions, but many SMEs don’t know where to begin. Our panel explores practical ways for SMEs to do the right thing.

Lessons from Climate Leaders: A David Vs. Goliath Panel

Doing the right thing for the planet is essential to our future, but it isn’t always easy according to our panel of champions for climate solutions. Discover the struggles of pushing against the status quo — and the lessons of how emerging ideas can gain ground and change minds.

This fascinating fireside talk explores how innovation can solve some of our biggest urban housing challenges, infusing the way we build with imagination and innovation to counter environmental damage, soaring costs, long construction timelines, and labour and material shortages.

Are Women Asking for What They’re Worth?

Recent studies show that Canadian women working full-time earn 16.1% less than their male counterparts. In this timely International Women’s Day Panel, we explore the current state of the wage gap in the private sector, strategies to successfully negotiate fair pay, and the benefits businesses realize by paying equal pay for equal work.

The Canadian government estimates 75% of SME owners will retire in the next decade. Who will take over their businesses? What about the people they employ and the local economies they are part of? This timely panel explores the innovative solutions, from co-op models to Employee Ownership, that keep businesses alive and money in the local economy.

Reinventing Economic Development

How does a post-pandemic economy impact how our region solves many of the pressing realities, such as affordability pressures or our ability to attract and retain essential workers; not to mention looming climate risks and other trends like the growth of remote work. Eight years ago our region came together to create a multi-jurisdictional, cross-sectoral alliance called the South Island Prosperity Partnership (SIPP); how has this model been utilized to impact the region? How can it improve going forward to address the issues and opportunities that the 21st Century presents?