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Watch 2021

If you missed any of the Rising Economy Week 2021 sessions, here’s your chance to catch up — or to rewatch and share — keynotes and panels from the event.

COP26 and the Future of Cities

Many viewed COP26 as the world’s last chance to commit to the changes needed to avoid climate catastrophe. Join David Miller, former Mayor of Toronto and Managing Director of International Diplomacy with C40 Cities in conversation with Susan Aitken, Mayor of Glasgow and host of COP26.

The Rising Tide Of Innovation In Our Pacific Ocean Economy

In this compelling presentation, innovation thought leader and Silicon Valley native Rick Rasmussen explores why entrepreneurial ecosystems, like the newly established Centre of Ocean Applied Sustainable Technologies (COAST), are needed to drive high-value, sustainable economic prosperity in Pacific Canada.

Shifting Power: Money And Meaning In The Indigenous Economy

Economic development from an Indigenous worldview is being reclaimed within the modern economic space. This conversation will explore how prosperity is defined and how non-Indigenous people and organizations can support and respect Indigenous Nations and people and their approach to economic development.

Canada And The U.S. : The Future Of Borderless Talent And Innovation

Join Matt Morrison, CEO of the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (PNWER), as he leads a panel exploring trends that will shape our Pacific NorthWest region on both sides of the Canada/U.S. border. Topics include talent mobility, cluster development, and how savvy companies can simultaneously optimize their strategic growth on both sides of the US and Canadian borders.

CHEK Spotlight: LIVE On Facebook – COAST

We talk to Emilie de Rosenroll, Startup CEO of COAST. COAST is an exciting economic development initiative to create Canada’s next Pacific ocean and marine hub right here in the Greater Victoria region and to put us on the map as a major player in the $3-trillion global sustainable blue economy.

Dream, Dare, Do: Why It’s Pacific Canada’s Time To Lead In The Blue Economy

What does rowing across the Atlantic have in common with building Pacific Canada’s hub for the sustainable blue economy? A lot, actually. Join National Geographic adventurer, scientist and bestselling author Julie Angus of Open Ocean Robotics for a candid talk on the vision, grit and entrepreneurial spirit it takes to accomplish a dream. Julie explores what’s possible when we harness the innovation and drive to make our coastal region a global blue economy leader.

Humans Wanted: BC’s War For Talent

Work, as we know it, is rapidly changing, with all sectors experiencing major shifts and unprecedented labour shortages. Join Cynthia Leach, RBC’s Senior Director, Economic Thought Leadership in conversation with Andrew Petter, President Emeritus, Simon Fraser University and Chair of Innovate BC, for an in-depth look at what it will take to develop, attract and retain the workforce we need now.

Headspace: Why The Future Of Work Is Employee Wellbeing

The pandemic has disrupted the workplace, with major impacts on job satisfaction and retention as employees cope with health concerns, lifestyle epiphanies and uncertainty about the future. This panel explores how massive societal and workplace changes have highlighted the need for a new kind of leadership that puts employee wellbeing as a priority — and why that’s a good thing for companies and employees alike.

CHEK Spotlight: LIVE On Facebook – BC Ferries

We talk to Mark Collins, President and CEO of BC Ferries, about ambitious plans to turn the publicly owned company into the biggest electrified ferry fleet in the world and why this is good for mitigating climate change, helping the whales and building B.C.’s innovation economy.

Disruption To Innovation: B.C.’S Shifting Natural Resources Sector

From e-com and automation to AI and quantum computing, we’ve entered an age of deep technological disruption that leaves no sector — even the primary industries — untouched. In this high-energy panel, learn about recent business trends and how B.C.’s traditional natural resources sector is embracing many technological disruptions to increase resilience, profitability and sustainability.

It’s Now Or Never: Our Economy And The Race To Net Zero

The science is clear — human-made CO2 emissions must drop by 45% by 2030 from 2010 levels and reach ‘net zero’ by 2050 to give the world a good chance of limiting warming to 1.5C and avoiding the worst impacts of climate change. Our panel of global experts tackles critical questions such as: Where do we find the leadership and resolve to do what needs to be done to shift our economy to a greener future?

Following The Money Trail: Why Local Capital Matters

Local communities are on the front line of addressing complex environmental and social challenges. This session will explore integrated and innovative models that bring capital to support and strengthen local solutions, whether structuring business succession into community ownership, developing financing models that connect local capital into local economies or mobilizing the power of procurement for social impact.

CHEK Spotlight: LIVE On Facebook – Innovate BC

Today, CHEK Spotlight Live on Facebook features Raghwa Gopal, President & CEO of Innovate BC about the state of B.C.’s tech sector and how Innovate BC is helping to reboot BC’s economy by assisting innovators across the province to build great companies.