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Nov 16–20

An immersive virtual event focused on bringing our region back stronger

Produced by

South Island Prosperity Partnership

“The Best Way to Impact Our Future is to Join the Conversation.”

– Emilie de Rosenroll, CEO
South Island Prosperity Partnership

Your Rising Economy Week experience includes:

  • A focus on thought leadership with a five-day Virtual Stage program featuring exciting keynotes, topical forums, fireside chats and more.
  • A multi-channel experience with live and interactive social media drop-in sessions.
  • Exclusive Q+A Interviews with leading thinkers in economic development, business, entrepreneurship, innovation, urban development, education and more.
  • A collaborative spirit with break-out sessions for idea sharing and networking.

5 days of ideas and connections

Register for an entire week of exclusive content — or choose individual sessions — from this plug and play menu that combines Virtual Mainstage keynotes, forums and workshops with social media live interviews and media spotlights from the CHEK News virtual stage.

Join with other leaders for a week of virtual events with leading thinkers, disruptive ideas, trend insights, economic outlooks and idea-building sessions focused on moving the needle on economic recovery and creating a future of prosperity.

Day 1


#REW kicks off with thought-provoking interviews and the release of Greater Victoria’s Rising Economy Plan, followed by a panel on Cascadia’s Next Economy. Then we explore how to bring mainstreet back to life and why we need a skills revolution for our survival.

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Day 2


Feeling disruptive?
Day 2 features a listening session with the Canadian and U.S. ambassadors, how COVID-19 killed gender diversity and shock proofing our economy against Black Swan events like the pandemic.

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Day 3


This is a day for thinking big! Which megatrends will shape our future, how will Canada come back stronger, and how will a green recovery help our planet and our economy to thrive?

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Day 4


Day 4 focuses on building our strengths. Gain insight into the Indigenous economy, explore The Zoom Boom: The Future of Where We Live and How We Work and delve into the future of leadership with lessons from the pandemic.

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Day 5

Next Economy

#REW wraps up with a focus on how Greater Victoria can become greater, the changing Visitor Economy and the post-pandemic survival of higher education.

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Meet our 2020 Keynote Speakers

Skills Revolution: Our Future Depends On It

John Stackhouse

Senior Vice President, Office of the CEO, at RBC

Indigenomics: Opportunities in the Indigenous Economy

Carol Anne Hilton

CEO and Founder, The Indigenomics Institute

Greater Victoria Rising: The Path to Success and Resilience after Covid-19

Dr. Tim Moonen

Managing Director, The Business of Cities

Economic Megatrends for 2021

Avery Shenfeld

Chief Economist, CIBC Capital Markets

Bringing Back Mainstreet

Mary W. Rowe

President & CEO, Canadian Urban Institute

Lead, Care, Win: Leadership Lessons from the Pandemic

Dan Pontefract

Leadership Expert, Speaker, Author

Canada’s Comeback

Monique F. Leroux

Chair, Industry Strategy Council

Are Black Swans the New Normal?: Preparing for the Unprepareable

Myles Druckman

Vice President, Medical Services, International SOS